Thursday, December 4, 2008

Best pumpkin pie ever?

This past Thanksgiving, Roy and I went over to the lovely Uyehara household for Thanksgiving, and I wanted to bake a Kaz-friendly dessert for it. I ended up finding a fantastic recipe using coconut milk and a bunch of spices, and it was amazing! It turns out that pumpkin and coconut milk are extremely compatible. I'm making this pie again for Christmas dinner this year, but with a buttery pat in the pan crust instead.

This is a rather plain view of the pie. It looks so much better when it's cut into slices. You'd be able to see the layer of crushed walnuts between the crust and the filling that gives the pie a lot more texture and flavor. AND as a bonus, this pie is incredibly resistant to being dropped upside-down! (Not that I would know personally, of course...)
From Edacious Eatings

Roy and I made the pie using a 9-inch pie pan, and we ended up having a lot of batter left over, so we ended up making pumpkin muffins by adding about 1/2 cup of flour and tiny pinches of baking soda and powder to the batter, and baking at 350ÂșC.
From Edacious Eatings

And the best thing about those muffins was that we could eat those right away!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not your typical college student's midnight snack

Bethanne and I went to Trader Joe's a while ago (a really long while ago, I just never got around to this post), and came away with some delicious snacks.

A little caprese:
From Edacious Eatings

And some fresh avacado:
From Edacious Eatings

Classy? Definitely.